Bridging the Summer Gap

Bridging the Summer Gap

Bridging the Summer Gap

Hello! As summer vacation is quickly approaching, be on the lookout for programs that will help your child bridge the summer gap between grades. Although summer is a much needed break for students and teachers, this time away from the classroom can help or hurt your student in terms of academics when they return to school in the Fall. Many hours are given to video games, playing outside, and staying up late during the summer months. This is a great time for your children to relax, but it is also a way to hinder their minds. If children are doing activities that don't engage their brains, they will lose an ample amount of information that they learned in school the year before.

As a teacher, I can honestly say that days, even weeks are wasted at the beginning of the school year having to re-teach concepts that the students were taught the prior year. The concepts are not re-taught because the students don't know the information, they just have simply forgotten it over the summer break.

As a tutor, I suggest using some of the time away from the classroom to make sure that your child is not behind in the curriculum right off the bat when school starts. Some easy ways to do this without having to take away too much vacation time from your children are as follows:

1. Have your child read 20-30 minutes a day. This can be while dinner is cooking, right before bedtime, etc. It has been proven that a child who reads 20 minutes a day will learn 1,800,000 words a year versus a student who reads 1 minute or less (will learn 8,000 words a year). Reading is a great way to teach children about anything and everything, especially when reading non-fiction.

2. 2-3 times a week, have your child do some math problems. How many math problems they need to do can be up to you based on how well your child performed in math the previous school year. Most of the concepts taught in math, have to be re-taught at the beginning of the school year because students simply forget them.

Help your child be successful at the beginning of the new school year by preparing them this summer. You can find some awesome books that will help bridge the summer gap online or at Barnes and Noble.

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